Jason believes that the sales of coffee at his coffee shop depend upon the weather. He has taken a sample of 5 days. Below you are given the results of the sample.

Cups of Coffee Sold Temperature
700 50
500 60
400 70
200 80
100 90

1. You are going to conduct a Simple Linear Regression analysis using this data.

What is the dependent variable?

a. Temperature

b. Coffee Shops

c. Weather

d. Cups of Coffee Sold

2. calculate the value of  LaTeX: b_1\:and of LaTeX: b_0\:. If necessary, round off to the nearest integer.

3. conduct a hypothesis test to see if there is a significant relationship between sales of coffee and temperature.

The hypotheses are:

LaTeX: H_0;\:\beta_1=0H0;β1=0

LaTeX: H_a;\:\beta_1\ne0Ha;β1≠0

Calculate the standard error of the estimate LaTeX: s_e\:. Give two decimal places in your answer.

Use this answer to calculate the standard error of LaTeX: b_1\:. Give two decimal places in your answer if necessary.

4. Find the value of the LaTeX: t\:tstatistic. Give two decimal places in your answer if necessary.

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