Create three separate Venn diagrams that compare and contrast cultural anthropology with each of the other subfields of anthropology (biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archaeology). Label each circle of the diagram with the subfield. Write comparisons in the appropriate parts of the circles. You may use this template (Word) (PDF


) or create your own using other software. Alternatively, you can draw on paper and upload a photo.

For more information on Venn diagrams, watch this video by Teach for Life (Links to an external site.) or read this text and picture-based tutorial from wikiHow (Links to an external site.).

After creating the Venn diagrams, summarize your comparisons in written form. In a few sentences, explain how anthropology is holistic using examples from your Venn diagrams.

Complete the following steps:

  • Create 3 separate Venn diagrams comparing:
    • 1: cultural anthropology and biological anthropology
    • 2: cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology
    • 3: cultural anthropology and archaeology
  • Use keywords or concepts to show similarities and differences between the subfields.
  • Write an explanation for how anthropology is holistic using your Venn diagrams.
  • Turn in file.

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