Financial Case Study Report

Context: The purpose of the assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in FINA600 Financial Management, to a practical task, involving the use of ‘real‐world’ accounting information. This is intended to consolidate your accounting knowledge and skills. […]

BE 701—Assignment #6

  Craft an essay of about five double-spaced pages explaining how to generate alignment behind an entrepreneurial value proposition within a firm (the firm’s mission or purpose). Your experience will inform your own ideas related to this topic, but, for obvious academic reasons, the assignment […]

Nursing Care Plan

Scenario J.F. is a 50-year-old married homemake with a genetic autoimmune deficiency; she has suffered frim recurrent bacterial endocarditis.  The most recent episodes were a Staphylcoccus aureus infection of the mitral valve 16 months ago and a Streptococcus mutans infecton of the aortic valve 1 […]

Critical Infrastructure Final Assignment

Instructions You must use the attached template for your paper, failure to do so will result in a return of your paper for you to redo, a reduction in points, or both. Answer each of the following questions below. Select three sectors from the following […]

ACC 201 Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric

Your dog, Peyton, has severe allergies and cannot have the usual store-bought dog treats. You have been making homemade treats for him that are all-natural and hypoallergenic. Over the past year, you have been making and selling these treats out of your home, and you […]

Jus Cogens norms and erga omnes norms

Jus Cogens norms and erga omnes norms symbolize that international law is founded on core values and principles that bind all states.  Critically analyze whether these two categories of norms has any relevance to the actual operation of international law beyond mere symbolism.